Nikki Delano – Bad Girl

Bad Girl

Bad Girl

"I'm a bad little girl," Nikki Delano told us. "I like to be spanked, I like giving sloppy blowjobs. I've fucked in a movie theater before. Bad Boys 2 was playing."

Nikki Delano is definitely our type of girl. Fit, tight with an ass and pussy ready to go all night. She's also an unabashed sex freak, which is the best thing about her.

"I love to fuck," Nikki said. "I can't get enough dick. I fuck about 10-15 times per week."

You've got to eat your Wheaties if you want to handle this bad girl.

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Yasmine Beale – Mother Of Four Has Pierced Pussy

Mother Of Four Has Pierced Pussy

Mother Of Four Has Pierced Pussy

Yasmine Beale isn't really the kind of woman you'd expect to be an adult model. She's a working mother of four. She's also a very talented interior designer and has a doting husband at home who loves her very much. So why is she here? Well, hubby travels a lot and she's a horny MILF who needs attention. She told us when she rubs her clit she fantasizes about the neighbors watching.

"I love being tied down and ravished," 44-year-old Yasmine said. "There's nothing like a guy who knows how to take charge and just goes for it. My pussy is generally always pretty moist, but when I'm out to dinner and a guy orders for me, I just start gushing. I also fantasize about being used by multiple partners. Maybe being at the center of a circle of guys, their cocks all in front of me, waiting to be serviced. When I masturbate I'll slide some anal beads deep into my ass and use my vibrator. Then I think about a couple of guys coming into the room and rubbing my tits, taking turns squeezing, pinching and licking my body while I cum."

Yasmine has big tits and a pierced pussy. Here, she fucks herself with a big, black toy. She even takes her hands off the toy and lets her pussy do all the work, which shows you just how tight her old cunt is.

So, although Yasmine isn't the type of woman you'd expect to see here, she's here! She's a nice surprise to jack to.

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Tysen Rich – Horny Mornings

Horny Mornings

Horny Mornings

Tysen's living the dream.

The last time we saw Tysen was in our Feb. '14 issue. She said she wanted to have an orgy. Did she do it? Well, kind of. "I was really close! I went to a house party and hooked up with this guy I've known forever. We went into a back room and it was really dark. It took me a second to realize that there were three or four other couples in there doing the nasty, too. It was really hot getting fucked while people were watching! The guy flipped me over and started screwing me doggie-style, which is my favorite, and I reached over and grabbed the tit of the girl next to me. She didn't say anything."

Did you push it any further?

"No, I was nervous. Plus, when I grabbed that girl's boob it was like a dream come true. My pussy started gushing, and I couldn't control my body. I ended up squirting all over the guy's dick and shaking like a fish out of water! I got really self-conscious. Any time I've ever let loose like that I'm not sure what the guy will think. Some boys really dig it, but others are worried I peed on them. I mean, I squirted in front of an audience! We left after that. Luckily the guy I was with thought it was hot. It was a great experience. It made me want an orgy more. Next time I find myself in a situation like that--and I will--I'll make sure to hold off on cumming so I can have even more sexy fun."

So, when did this happen?

"It was only a week ago. I've been having these recurring dreams that I'm back in that dark room, getting banged, and a pussy and a dick appear in front of my face waiting to be licked and sucked. When I wake up my pussy is so wet I have to orgasm immediately."

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Melanie Memphis is Getting Nailed Hard in All of Her Holes!





Hungarian Beauty, Melanie Memphis, sucks and fucks cocks better than most! She loves having her pussy licked, but if you lick her asshole just right she will start begging you to shove your cock right into it! See for yourself as David Perry fucks her asshole and leaves her begging for more!

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